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I'm REALLY upset to hear of the dangerous levels of lead found in handbags, purses and clutches made of man-made material by companies I trusted.  Please see the settlement in the link I've posted http://www.ceh
Save money these days by seeing what is already in your closet and how you can make it work again. This article gives many wonderful ideas for revamping your old clothes and jewelry into new and exciting pieces
I found this great website to shop for handbags. Their product line is really stylish, yet inexpensive. BagHaus is a helpful place if you are shopping for a gift. I found some handbags under $20. Be sure and check
My friend picked me up for our daily walk this morning and she was wearing one of these cute skirts from Skirt Sports.  She looked adorable in it and she said she's so comfortable in them! Check them out
I went to a craft fair here in Charlotte this weekend and saw some of the best handmade stuff!  One of my favorite items came from Zoe bags.  Zoe bags had some great purses in all shapes and sizes. 
            I had no idea until recently that Ashley Judd had her own clothing line.  I was so happy to see the stylish and comfortable tops, sweaters
Even though I don't fancy t-shirts all too often, I got a kick out of some of the t-shirt selections at Darling Mummy.  My favorite is this one and will buy it soon.  Check them out at Darling Mummy
Check out these fabulous Scrabble Tile Pendants at Presentbydesign.  These beautiful pieces use reclaimed tile pieces from my favorite game, Scrabble.  I just adore the 'junk boat' tile and the
I forgot to pack a belt while travelling but I had a pair of plain black leggings.  I got creative and took the leggings, straightened it out and wrapped it around my waist making sure that the bottoms of
An entire drawer in my bureau is brimming with sunglasses. The same reason I have different sizes of shoes. One of the many costs of pregnancy. Why? For mothers-to-be who undergo many physical changes, body parts
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