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Federal Reserve Bank Money Museum


Activity Overview

Federal Reserve Bank Money Museum in Atlanta, GA is an educational and informative museum features exhibits of historic nature that revolve around the story of money and banking. The exhibits are interactive and share interesting artifacts of historic nature with the public. Public can participate in self-guided tours and are offered Monday through Friday, self-guided tours usually don't require reservations. Both guided and self-guided tours are conducted free of charge, guided tours require appointment.

Things to Do

  • Visiting the Federal Reserve Bank Money Museum is an educational experience, take a self-guided tour with your family and explore the museum.
  • If you're interested in the history of money-making, you can explore exhibits that showcase the history of money making and banking in America.
  • Visitors can see rare coins and currency of the early days of banking, visitors can also view the bank's automated vault.
  • Take a look at the cash-processing system, you can see dollars being counted and sorted.
  • The story of the money exhibit shows artifacts, coins and currency notes, learn the before money story, gold nuggets to the story of modern currency.

Federal Reserve Bank Money Museum Insider Tips

  • You're given a souvenir at the end of the tour.

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