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Field of Giant Corn Ears

Outdoor Free
School Trip, Cultural, Offbeat, Historical, Touristy, Green
4995 Rings Rd, Dublin, OH
URL: Field of Giant Corn Ears  Phone: 614-410-4550

Activity Overview

Well, this is a strange one! Basically this quirky mid-western roadside attraction is exactly what it says on the tin, a field of 109 concrete giant corn ears. Each one stands at 6 ft. 3 in. and weighs about 1500 lbs. "Field of Corn (With Osage Oranges)" to give the art installation its full name, is so called because of two rows of Osage Orange Trees that stand in the same field. It is meant to symbolize the agricultural history of Dublin, Ohio. It also commemorates the memory of Sam Frantz who invented a number of hybrid corn species and once owned this land. It was built as part of the Dublin Art Council's Art in Public Places program.

Things to Do

  • The art installation really does stand out because of where it is placed. All around this field of corn is a built up high tech suburb. The contrast is deliberate and is supposed to make visitors consider this area's agrarian past which over time has been lost.
  • In these surroundings one can also consider the town's present and inevitably its future connecting all aspects of Dublin's memory and hopes at once.
  • Even if the idea behind these sculptures goes a little over your head you can still enjoy them for their novelty factor. This really isn't something you will see every day and makes a fun stop off while exploring the area.
  • You can get some funny pictures and it is not unusual to see kids playing hide and seek between the concrete sculptures.

Field of Giant Corn Ears Insider Tips

  • There is free parking adjacent to the Field.

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