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Fijt Friends Doll Toys

Your little girl this Christmas may want a  Fijit Friend.  I know my nieces have put in on their Christmas list to Santa.  It is magical creature that sprang from a science experiment that was touched by the magic of music. It’s a cool doll toy that’s capable of interacting with your child at really impressive levels. The batteries it comes with are strictly low power samples. To activate all Willa’s gifts, use 5 new AA batteries. 

With soft, flexible skin and a squishy shell and a wide range of motion, Figit offers a number of sensory, touch-tactile play options. A touch to the belly is always a surprise. She might dance by turning her head or jiggling her body. She might tell a joke. At bedtime, Say “Goodnight” to her and her belly will glow your child to sleep.

Possessing an array of amazing capabilities, these Fijit friends  can tap into her voice recognition, beat detection, dance mode, and over 150 built-in responses to respond to interact, physically and emotionally, with your child and the environment

Built for children six and up, Fijit Friends are  adorable, completely capable of working her way into your child’s heart. I predict that your daughter’s  will be delighted with  a Fijit Friend as a new friend this Christmas.   There are several Fijit Friends to chose from  purple  trend setting, Willa, sweetie pie pink Serafina, yellow adventurous Sage and Sporty Blue Logan.  They are available at Walmart, Target and other retail store as well as Amazon online for $40-$50 depending on which friend you chose 

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