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Foil Embossed Art

Activity Overview

Create foil embossed artwork on repurposed wood in a few very easy steps. This art project is a fun one for all ages and skill levels and can be used for personalized gifts for for your own display. These foil embossed signs make terrific name plates for a child's room.

Materials Needed

  • An old slab of wood
  • Dimensional Paint
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Mod Podge
  • Paintbrush
  • A Pencil

How to Make It

  1. Take a piece of wooden slab. It can be scrap wood because in the end it will not be on display.
  2. Use a pencil to draw a design , a picture or to decoratively write your name.
  3. Take your dimensional paint and paint over the pencil lines to create a raised artwork.
  4. Allow the paint to dry overnight.
  5. When the design is fully dry, use your paintbrush to paint Mod Podge over the entire top surface of the wood and design.
  6. Press a sheet of aluminum foil ( we used heavy duty to avoid tears) against the sticky surface. Use your fingers to start from one side and move across to the other side smoothing the aluminum foil over each nook and cranny of your wood slab and design.
  7. Press the foil around the edges as well to complete the project.

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