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Ford's Theatre

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Ford's Theatre, 10th Street Northwest, Washington D. C., Distrito De Columbia, Washington, DC
URL: Ford's Theatre  Phone: 202-347-4833

Activity Overview

Ford's Theatre will forever be famous for being the place where Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth. Today the Theatre has a number of exhibits concerning the infamous assassination along with other interactive displays which explore Lincoln's achievements and legacy.

Things to Do

  • The bulk of your time will likely be spent in the Ford's Theatre Museum. Here you will find exhibits that cover the whole of Lincoln's time in office. There are some amazing artifacts on display such as two life masks of the President taken before and after the Civil War which show the physical toll which the conflict took on the man..
  • The Museum's collection also includes many artifacts from the evening of Lincoln's death such as Booth's Deringer pistol and the clothes the President was wearing on the fateful night.
  • Once you are done in the Museum you can go across the street to the Petersen House. Lincoln was brought here after the shooting and it was here where he passed away while being treated for his gun wound. The House has been recreated to look like it did on that night.

Ford's Theatre Insider Tips

  • If you want to get even more from your visit you should buy a ticket to one of the Theatre's shows. The Theatre still has an active line up of programs and shows on throughout the year which you can enjoy. Details of upcoming events can be found here.
  • The Theatre provide a lot of free entry tickets on a first come, first serve basis so you don't necessarily need to pay to enter and enjoy the Theatre's exhibits. Still, if you want to contribute to them continuing their programs you could consider buying something from their gift shop.

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