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Fort Ligonier History Museum

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History Museums, School Trip, Educational, Historical, Touristy
200 South Market Street, Ligonier, PA
URL: Fort Ligonier History Museum...  Phone: 724-238-9701

Activity Overview

Pennsylvania's Fort Ligonier played an important role in the French and Indian War, known as the Seven Year War outside of the States, and in the early history of the city of Pittsburgh and the state of Pennsylvania itself. Fort Ligonier served as the British base essential to taking the French fort Duquesne. George Washington, serving in the British army at the young age of 26, helped lead a force which won the fort, which afterwards was renamed Pittsburgh. Much of Fort Ligonier has been well preserved and reconstructed; it makes an excellent visit if you have any interest in this period of American history.

Things to Do

  • Fort Ligonier today stands as a full scale re-production of how it would have looked from 1758 until 1766 during its time in the French and Indian War. It is fascinating to walk through this Fort and see how a functioning garrison of this period would have looked.
  • While you visit be sure to head to the Fort's Museum. It houses many interesting exhibits including one on George Washington which houses unique items once owned by the man including his pistols, a set of memoirs detailing his experiences on the Pennsylvania frontier and a portrait of him by Rembrandt Peale.
  • There are also exhibits on the history of the Seven Year's War and a display of war art from the French and Indian War.

Fort Ligonier History Museum Insider Tips

  • Fort Ligonier has specific talks and tours designed especially for school groups. They hold these tours from mid-April through to mid-November. Advanced booking is necessary

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