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Fort Moultrie

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Historic Sites, School Trip, Educational, Historical
1214 Middle St, Sullivan's Island, SC
URL: Fort Moultrie  Phone: 843-883-3123

Activity Overview

This is another Charleston haven for history buffs. Located at Sullivan's Island, Fort Moultrie is one of the citadels that protected Charleston from British occupation. At that time, the fort was only a log fort and was still under construction. Despite this, Col. Moultrie and his men were still able to protect the town from colonization. The fort was named after the colonel upon completion. Nowadays, a visit to Fort Moultrie will take you back to the days of its humble beginnings as Palmetto log fort and its evolution during the Revolutionary War up to World War II.

Things to Do

  • Take a cab or drive to Sullivan's Island. Before entering the fort, make sure to drop by the Visitor's Center where you can watch a short film about Fort Moultrie and its history. If you have any questions, just ask at the center and they will help you out. You can also have a look at several artifacts and displays at the Visitor's Center.
  • Go inside the fort and tour the place at your own pace. The fort is divided into sections depicting its role in history. There is an area representing the Civil War, WWI, WWII, and the Palmetto Log Fort days. You will find cannons and shells used during that time.
  • Walk towards the beach and watch the sunset with background views of Charleston and Fort Sumter.

Fort Moultrie Insider Tips

  • This a cheaper alternative to Fort Sumter. Unlike Fort Sumter where you have to take a ferry to the island and you're only given an hour to explore, Fort Moultrie can be reached by car and you can tour the place for as long as you want for only $5.

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