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Franklin Street

Activity Overview

Perhaps the most famous street in Chapel Hill, Franklin Street is home to a wide selection of restaurants, museums, bars, music stores, and museums. An excellent destination for a perfect day out with the entire family, the Franklin Street often hosts various festivities and is a vibrant nightlife spot in Chapel Hill. The street has a length of about 3 miles and is divided into the West and East Franklin Streets.

Franklin Street is home to several historical businesses, which include the Colonial Drugstore, Sutton's Drugstore, and Ramshead Rathskeller, where you can sample one of the best lasagnas in town. Franklin Street is a place where you can enjoy a large number of crafts and arts festivals.

Things to Do

  • Try one of the numerous restaurants on Franklin Street, many of which offering ethnic and haute-cuisine. Two great choices are Carolina Cafe and West 411.
  • Admire the numerous historic buildings on Franklin Street. Several churches can be found on this street, and their steeples are visible from almost anywhere.
  • If you visit Franklin Street on Halloween, do not miss the Halloween celebration, where thousands of people gather to celebrate.

Franklin Street Insider Tips

  • The street gets its name from Benjamin Franklin and has been in use since the late 18th century.
  • There are multiple places where you can get a treat for the kids on Franklin Street, including cupcakes, frozen yoghurt, and ice cream.

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