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Free Kindle Books for Parents

I received a Kindle over the holidays and much to my amazement, I am hooked. I thought I wouldn't be able to adjust to the lack of having a real book in my hands, but in fact, because of its size and mobility, I've become very fond of it and take it everywhere I go.

At first, the cost of the downloads seemed high to me because the price of contemporary books is almost the same as the printed book.

But there are a lot of great free books out there, and many free resources for Parents who would like to give their kids access to the Classics.

Great Books for Free on Amazon

Well, all it took was googling free kindle books and I came across this site that has twenty-nine thousand freebies, I downloaded the complete works of Sherlock Holmes, War & Peace and so on.

Amazon has a page listing many of the Great American Classics, which is an especially nice find for high-school and college kids who are required to read these (and a nice find for the rest of us as well).

More Freebies

In fact, once you search for free kindle books on Google you'll find all kinds of links to people who have listed their favorite freebies on Amazon. There are even current novels that you can purchase for a penny, which isn't bad.

There's a great Free Kindle Books website, which also lets you download books in multiple formats.

I also downloaded a few from Project Gutenberg and needless to say, I have plenty of reading lined up for the future. One other thing I did was buy scrabble for $2.50. I'm learning words I never knew existed.

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