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Fun Buy the Pound

Activity Overview

Fun buy the Pound started with the idea that children could come and build lego and K'Nex creations at their leisure and then buy what they had built by weight. Since then the store have expanded both their stock and their play area to appeal to more ages. They also have more brands for sale then ever before so your child should not be stuck looking for things they want.

Things to Do

  • Kids may play in the store's playrooms by the hour or half hour once supervised by an adult. Fun buy the Pound's play rooms offer toys that will appeal to a variety of children's age groups. It can be a fun way to spend a short time!
  • Fun buy the Pound offer two different types of birthday parties for children. The regular package includes an hour and a half's use of their play space and party area along with balloons and a full set up and clean up service. The slightly more expensive Mini Pound Package provides these services along with cupcakes and juice boxes for party goers.

Fun buy the Pound Insider Tips

  • Fun buy the Pound's playrooms are open to regular group bookings. That makes them a great destination not only for birthday parties but for play dates, scout and church groups and school groups.
  • Remember that the store's playrooms close an hour before the rest of the shop to give the staff time to clean up and set up for tomorrow's kids!

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