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Fun Cheerio Birdfeeders

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Activity Overview

My children love to make bird feeders to hang in the yard, so that they can watch the birds enjoy a treat made by them. They had a lot of fun with the creativity and ease of construction of these Fun Cheerio Bird Feeders. They were easy to make for all ages. If you do not have craft wire on hand, you can certainly use pipe cleaners, but we found that the shapes were more precisely manipulated and the cheerios were easier to string with the craft wire.

Materials Needed

  • Craft wire or pipe cleaners
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Cheerios

How to Make It

  1. Manipulate your craft wire into any shape that you desire. We wrapped ours around a bottle to create a coiled spring and also made a string of connecting circles for this craft.
  2. Once you have your shape made, bend one end of the wire into a loop and simply string cheerios onto the wire until the wire is just about filled up. Be sure to leave at least and inch on each end to bend the wire over or twist with the other end in the case of the circle.
  3. Four our circle feeder, we made three and linked them together when we twist fastened them as shown in the photo above,
  4. When you have completed your cheerio filled shape, cut a segment of decorative ribbon about 8 inches long and tie it into a loop through your wire art so that you can hand it.
  5. Hang your bird feeder in a dry area in a tree in the yard for on your porch. The birds will love it!

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