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G-Force Karts

Indoor $$
Laser Tag, Paintball, Amusement Parks, Birthday Parties, School Trip, Healthy/Active, Adventurous
4245 Carolina Avenue, Bldg B, Richmond, VA
URL: G-Force Karts  Phone: 8042280188

Activity Overview

G-Force Karts provides an adrenaline pumping, fast-paced experience for anyone who likes to get behind the wheel of a revved up go-kart, play paintball, laser tag or archery tag. With karts that are so fast you'll really feel like a NASCAR driver. You need to get over there so you can say you had the true G-Force Experience! They also make a great effort to include children in the sport with kids friendly karts and races for kids as young as 8.

Things to Do

  • Go Karts - Gas powered go karts that have you flying down the track and taking on sharp turns while you battling your way up to first place and a victory.
  • Indoor Paintball - Using specialized z-balls that have no paint, it's all the fun of a normal paintball match, but without the mess of the paint. G-Force uses top of the line safety equipment and paintball markers. It's great to be able to play the sport without the huge mess of the paint afterwards.
  • Archery Tag - One of the newer activities that G-Force offers, Archery Tag uses bows and foam-tipped arrows to make sure safety is a number one priority. The sport itself is very similar to paintball and a lot of to play with a team of your closest friends.
  • Laser Tag - A birthday party classic, laser tag at G-Force has a post-apocalyptic themed area that gets your adrenaline pumping from the second you step out onto the floor. Plus, they just got brand new, state of the art, laser tag equipment. Without a doubt some of the best laser shooters and vests available today. No more glitchy equipment that always had you questioning if your laser shooter was working.

G-Force Membership Insider Tips

If you want to save yourself a lot of time before you head to G-Force, I recommend reviewing all the membership information and fill out your forms ahead of time. This will help speed of the process and allow the kids to start experiencing all the fun activities G-Force has to offer much sooner.

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