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Gaslamp Quarter

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Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego, CA

Activity Overview

San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter is one of the most historic areas within the city. The majority of its buildings were built during the Victorian period in the second half of the 1800's. It served as a hustling and bustling area of nightlife for many years. By the time the 1950's came around however the area had begun to slip into destitution and became known as one of the more seedy parts of town. A few decades later the city decided to take care of its historic buildings and began a major renovation project. Today the fruits of this project can be seen as the area is once again full of life and back to its former glory days.

Things to Do

  • With over 100 bars, restaurants, lounges and live music venues in an area that only measures 16 1/2 blocks you shouldn't be stuck for somewhere to go on a night out in the Gaslamp Quarter.
  • There really is so much choice that it can be hard to choose exactly where you want to go. To help you with that decision there are tour operators who lead informative walks around the area. Check out So Diego's page to see what you can expect from one of these operators.
  • The Quarter has more to offer than just pure nightlife however with some 70 shops and boutiques open to the public. You can check out a full directory of these businesses and hopefully find out about a few deals on the Gaslamp Shopping Pages.

Gaslamp Quarter Insider Tips

  • $2 Tuesdays are a great time to come downtown and explore the Gaslamp Quarter. Every Tuesday from 4:00 pm until 3:00 am parking is provided for a flat fee of $2 which gives you more money to spend on your evening out!

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