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General George Patton Museum

Indoor Free
History Museums, School Trip
4554 Fayette Ave, Fort Knox, KY
URL: General George Patton Museum...  Phone: 502-624-3812

Activity Overview

The General George Patton Museum in Fort Knox, Kentucky is dedicated to General George S. Patton, Jr., an important U.S. Army general most known for his leadership roles during WWI and WWII. This educational museum introduces visitors of all ages to the fascinating life of General Patton, as well as his historic military career. If you're interested in spending a few hours learning about one of the country's most important military figures, this free museum is a great place to visit.

Things to Do

  • Explore the museum! Its highlight is the Patton Gallery, which features numerous personal items that belonged to the general, including old military uniforms.
  • Check out General Patton's unique office van, which he used while making important decisions.
  • View the huge tanks and impressive military vehicles that are on display in the museum.

General George Patton Museum Insider Tips

  • Learn more about other historic topics by checking out the museum's online exhibits, which focus on topics such as D-Day and Abraham Lincoln.
  • If you have a smartphone or iPad, consider downloading the museum's app to enjoy their augmented reality experience that makes visits even more exciting.
  • Check out the museum's special scouting programs if you have a Girl or Boy Scout in the family.
  • Don't miss the gift shop, which offers DVDs, books, clothing, jewelry, and miniature replicas of gold bars.

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