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George Mitchell Nature Preserve

Outdoor Free
Bird Watching, Hiking Trails, Biking Trails, Lake, Healthy/Active, Green
5171 Flintridge Dr, The Woodlands, TX
URL: George Mitchell Nature Preserve...  Phone: 936-539-7817

Activity Overview

The George Mitchell Nature preserve takes up an area of about 1,700 acres and forms one part of the 12,000 acre Montgomery County Spring Creek Greenway project. The aim of this ambitious project is to connect this vast area and protect it so that generations to come can learn from and enjoy the majesty of its natural beauty. The George Mitchell Nature Preserve was named after the founder of the Woodlands and since 2007 has offered visitors a tranquil connection with nature.

Things to Do

  • This Nature Reserve is currently a work in progress. Given its relatively young age and the part it plays in the Spring Creek Greenway project there is still a lot of work ongoing on paths and bridges. Still there is already plenty to enjoy here. The ten miles of natural surface trails are a treat for hikers and will soon be supplemented with a bike and pedestrian bridge across Spring Creek. There is already a two mile main hiking loop that has been completed along with a three mile bike trail.
  • Nature lovers are sure to enjoy the surroundings. Like all of Spring Creek the Mitchell Nature Reserve boasts a fascinating array of flora and fauna as well as a variety of bird and wildlife.

George Mitchell Nature Preserve Insider Tips

  • You can download a trail map of the Preserve online. While there is still construction work on going within the Preserve it is probably a good idea to bring a map to ensure you don't get lost.
  • Dogs are welcome at the Preserve but owners are asked to keep them on a leash.

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