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George Peabody Library

Indoor Free
Educational, Cultural, Historical, Touristy
Baltimore, MD
URL: George Peabody Library  Phone: 443.840.9585

Activity Overview

An architectural masterpiece, the Peabody Library will leave you awestruck. Located in the Mount Vernon Cultural district of Baltimore, this free library is a must see, simply to gaze at the cathedral of endless book stacks. This is the library that the scenes in Beauty and the Beast were based on, so you can only imagine how magical they are to experience in person.

The Mount Vernon district is full of antique shops and eclectic places to eat and visit and it is right across the street from the Walter's Museum. Make a day of it and make sure you stop in to experience this fine historical library.

Things to Do

  • Take your camera with you and enjoy the splendor of this breathtaking architecture
  • Rent the library for a special event. There are many weddings and charity events that take place here.
  • Peruse the endless stacks of books

Peabody Library Insider Tips

  • Sometimes the library is closed for a private event. If it is something that you really want to see, you should call ahead and check if the library is open to the public on a particular day.
  • There are no bikes allowed to be parked outside of the Peabody Library, however there is a parking garage that also accommodates bike parking.
  • This library has no weekend hours.

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