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With the release of The Twilight Saga Eclipse   recently released on DVD.  Twilight merchase is all around for Twilight fans!   Twilight fan among your friends and family, then here are some
If you are looking for a unique gift for a wine lover or just someone that enjoys beautiful jewelry... THIS IS IT! The earrings and necklaces are made from reclaimed wine corks. Yes RECYCLED WINE CORKS! We all
If you're looking for a website that offers a huge collection of affordable gifts for your children, then check this one out. The Land of Nod has a number of tools that allow you to shop by price range, categories, 
The Yankee Swap is a family tradition that all the adults and kids out of college participate that we do after Christmas dinner.   We have so many laughs and usually brings a crappy gift. We do have a
I am trying to encourage my sons to write. I like them to keep a notebook with with their thoughts because I find it really does help express themselves and keeps the creativity going. However lately there has
Gift in a jar are very nice and cheap way to spread the Christmas cheer!  These frugal consumable gifts feature bath salts, cookie ingredients, holiday beverage mixes, baking mixes or bean soup fixings layered
From my money saving ezine: 5 Fab Gifts by Ruth Schiffmann Great gift ideas for tough times If you're feeling a pinch in your pocketbook as the next gift- giving occasion approaches, try giving gifts that
I recently toured the B Designs Letterpress facility during a local artist studio tour in Amesbury, Massachusetts.  It was AWESOME.  This printing business is OLD school.  This tiny company
Woodkins are an awesome toy for kids ages 4-6. They are a cool 'sandwich' boards that let you create endless variety of outfits with fabric. You lift up the frame and you place the fabric, close the frame and
One of my most cherished wedding gifts was a gift from my mother.  It was a set of keepsake ornaments that she had collected every year since I was born!  What an amazing sentiment! Not only did it bring
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