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Goldie Blox - Innovative Engineering Toy for Girls...

Goldie Blox is a toy and company established in 2012 by Debbie Sterling.  

This innovative toy hopes to inspire girls ages 5-9 to investigate the field of engineering. Statistic show that girls are losing interest in math and science between the ages of 6-8.

Parents need to know that the earlier kids get interested in science and math, the more likely they are to possibly go into those fields as adults.

A Toy is Born

The back story to this wonderful game is interesting.  Take a look at the TED video to see what inspired Debbie Sterling to create a toy for girls.  The founder of Goldie Blox discovered very few woman in her chosen field of engineering.  She was an extreme rarity, with men dominating the field by 90%.  

While Ms. Sterling couldn't change the current trends, she decided to do something about the future of engineering and inspiring girls to pursue this very beneficial and exciting career path. 

Appealing to girls isn't rocket science!  For years, the color pink has symbolized the girls toy isles in toy stores.  Goldie Blox addresses girls' needs and how they like to 'work'. 

Reading and storytelling is a powerful connection with the act of building.  By adding in a reading component which includes problem solving and joining in on adventures, this aspect became imperative to the success of the toy with girls. 

What the Game is All About?

Goldie Blox is a girl in overalls working with animals to build simple machines.  Included in the set are toy figures, a construction set of spools and ribbons that the user can use to create machines with Goldie! Game includes: 

  • Interactive book starring Goldie.
  • Construction toys includ: 5 animal figurines, 1 pegboard, 5 wheels, 10 axles, 5 blocks, 5 washers, 1 crank, 1 ribbon, 14 design templates.
  • Fun stories encourage girls to build what Goldie builds.
  • Develops the spatial skills that are fundamental to the engineering field.

This toy is a Fantastic! 

Engineers are the designers and builders of our world.  Nurturing girls to participate in such a valuable career is so beneficial for generations to come. The female perspective is important and a new generation of girls will be introduced to the field of engineering from great games and products like this.

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