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Great Circle Earthworks

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455 Hebron Rd, Heath, OH
URL: Great Circle Earthworks  Phone: 800-589-8224

Activity Overview

The Great Circle Earthworks is one part of Ohio's Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks. Like these other Ohio sites the Great Circle is a remnant of the ancient American Indian tribes who once populated the area. These tribes are usually referred to collectively as the Hopewell culture and are reckoned to have built mounds and other constructions here about 2000 years ago. It is believed that this particular area was used as a large ceremonial center by the ancient peoples.

Things to Do

  • The Circle itself is almost 1200 feet in diameter meaning that you could fit four football fields in it from end to end. It is amongst the best preserved of the Ohio Earthworks and as such is a hugely important site for researchers and a fascinating visit for guests.
  • There is a museum at the Great Circle Earthworks. Here you can see a video that explains the theories about the Circle's possible uses and its historic significance. The Museum is also home to exhibits of artifacts belonging to the native peoples who used to live here and a timeline of Ohio's ancient cultures.

Great Circle Earthworks Insider Tips

  • The Great Circle is included in the Newark Earthworks State Memorial which happens to be the largest system of connected geometric earthworks anywhere in the world. That means you are right nearby a number of other fascinating historical and archaeological sites. Check out the Octagon Earthworks and the Wright Earthworks, both of which are not that far from the Great Circle.

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