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Ha Ha Game

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Activity Overview

Families and friends will enjoy the laughter and camaraderie that The Ha Ha Game brings. The Ha Ha Game is a fun and free activity that is sure to get players smiling and livened up. This activity is great for parties, family game nights, camping trips and more. The object of the game is to get through the activity without having anyone start laughing, but this this certainly brings on the giggles adding to the challenge.

Materials Needed


How to Play

  1. Decide what order you will go in.
  2. The first player plays on the floor with his/her knees bent and says "HA".
  3. The second player lays down with his/ her head on the belly of the person in front of them and says "HA HA". Then the first person says "HA" in response.
  4. The third player lays down with his/her head on the belly in from of him/her and says "HA HA HA", the second person says "HA HA" and the first person says "HA."
  5. Continue to add people ion sequence, with their heads on the belly of the person in front of them, increasing the number of HAs with each person and each person in the chain responding back with their number of HAs.
  6. If any member of the group laughs or even giggles slightly, the whole group must get up and start over.
  7. Once the group gets through through the whole sequence with no laughing, which will likely take a while, they win.
  8. As a fun variation, you can reverse it and have the last person go first and go back through the line.

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