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Hammond Castle Museum

Indoor $$
History Museums, Offbeat, Adventurous
80 Hesperus Ave, Gloucester, MA
URL: Hammond Castle Museum  Phone: 978-283-2080

Activity Overview

Aside from being an inventor, John Hays Hammond collected medieval, Renaissance, and Roman artifacts. He built a medieval-style castle composed of 15th, 16th, and 18th century architectural elements as a wedding gift for his wife. The castle perfectly complemented his collection and also served as his house and laboratory for his inventions.

Things to Do

  • Watch an introductory video about John Hays Hammond, book a tour guide, and get medieval souvenirs from the Gift Shop.
  • Explore the many rooms of the castle on a self-guided tour with the help of a map. Visit the hall, courtyard, dining room, inventions exhibit room, library, and the kitchens among others.
  • Walk on the castle grounds, visit the gardens, and watch the view of the Atlantic shore line from the grounds.
  • Be on the lookout for secret passageways, hidden balconies, peepholes, and hideaways.
  • Join the Castle of Shadows, a haunted castle night held annually during the Halloween season or the Robin Hood festival in the summer. Check the Special Events page on their website.
  • Schedule a private rental of the Renaissance dining room, courtyard, and great hall perfect for weddings, photo shoots, and other private functions.

Hammond Castle Museum Insider Tips

  • The castle is not accessible for handicapped individuals and since the rooms are small, the castle might be difficult to navigate for persons with claustrophobia.
  • Check the website for the museum schedule. They are open only from Fridays-Sundays during the months of September-October. Visit the museum early. Ticket selling stops at 3:30PM.
  • Food is not sold in the area. Bring snacks and enjoy eating in the benches overlooking the sea.

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