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Happy Birthday Jokes

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Happy Birthday Jokes

What better time to share some silly jokes than around birthdays! Children of all ages will be roaring with laughter when you deliver these fantastic birthday themed jokes. Add them to a birthday card, share at parties, or simply to highlight the festive mood of a birthday for someone that you care about.

What do clams do on their birthdays?

They shellabrate!

What do you call a very mature adult balloon?

A blown-up!

What did the elephant wish for when she blew out her birthday candles?

A trunkful of presents.

Why was the birthday cake as hard as a rock?

It was a marble cake!

What kind of music do balloons like the least?

Pop music

Why didn't you go to the birthday party today?

Because the invitations said from 10-12 and I am 13!

What did the birthday cake say to its side of ice cream?

Man you are so cool!

Which candle burns longer? A blue candle or a red candle?

Neither, they both burn shorter.

Where do you go to buy a birthday present for your cat?

You look in a cat-alog.

Why did Sidney whack his birthday cake with a hammer?

It was a pound cake.

What is a rabbit's favorite party game?

Musical hares.

What do you get every single year for your birthday?

A year older.

What does every happy birthday always end with?

The letter Y.

What did the big candle say to the little candle?

You are to small to go out.

Why do we put candles on top of birthday cakes?

Because it would be much too hard to put the on the bottom.

Why did the birthday party guests stand on their heads?

They were having upside down cake!

Did you hear about the maple tree's birthday?

It sure was a sappy one!

Knock Knock

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Abby Who?

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