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Helpful Potty Training Tips

Preparation for toilet training is very key to a successful milestone of having your child use the potty by themselves.

Here are some simple potty training tips and items that are easy to do at home.

Try the following tips:

The potty seat by Baby Bjorn is sanitary and comes in fun colors.

Contoured seats for your toilet with stool.

Put Cheerios in the toilet for boys to aim at.

Put some good reading material for kids by the toilet.

Read the "Once Upon a Potty" book and video.  The song is fun!

Use Kids' foam pump to wash their hands - it's fun and easy to use, and smells great.  You can easily tell if your child has washed their hands!

My Favorite: Put blue food coloring in the toilet - when the kids pee, it turns the water green!

Don't pressure your child to use the potty before they are ready to understand the concept. Compassion and patience are key here.  Do you have any tips to add to our list?  Put your ideas in the comments section.

I used to draw funny pictures on tissue paper and float one in the big toilet to encourage the switch from potty chair. They had to try to pee on the picture. It works!
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