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Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park

Outdoor Free
State Parks, Fishing, Dog Parks, Bird Watching, Biking Trails, Gardens, Healthy/Active, Cultural, Historical, Touristy, Green
700 Bay Street, Beaufort, SC
URL: Henry C. Chambers Waterfront...  Phone: 843-525-7070

Activity Overview

Henry C. Chambers waterfront park is located in Beaufort, South Carolina. This park gives some great views of the Beaufort River, and the woods memorial bridge. The park offers spots for fishing, kid's playground, an amphitheater, a gift shop, walking paths and public restrooms. Several important festivals are held at the park, including The taste of Beaufort festival, Water festival and the Shrimp festival.

Things to Do

  • This beautiful park has been awarded the traveler's choice award in 2014, the park gives scenic views of the Beaufort River and the surrounding areas. You can spot many boats and yachts coming in and going, can also spot dolphins in the water.
  • There are pathways along the river for walking, running and strolling. Many wooden swings to sit in and take in the view.
  • Families can enjoy fishing, and have picnic at the park. There is a nice and well-kept playground for kids of all ages. There are cafes for snacking and other vendors.
  • The park has some well-kept gardens with lots of flowers, shrubs and plants.
  • There are many restaurants near the park with outdoor seating that give great views of the park and the river. The park has many historic monuments to locate.
  • Many festivals are occasionally held at the park that offer great food, music and lots of fun activities for the families. Visit the nearby shopping street to complete the day.

Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park Insider Tips

  • Pets can be brought to the park.
  • Park is a nice spot for photography.

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