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Hidden Hollow Orchard and Wildlife Sanctuary

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Apples, Healthy/Active, Green
3200 Apple Hill Road, Louisville, KY
URL: Hidden Hollow Orchard and...  Phone: 502-243-4196

Activity Overview

Bordering the urban area of Louisville, Hidden Hollow Orchard and Wildlife Sanctuary takes up 50 acres of woodland containing an abundance of wildlife and a variety of wildflowers.

As many as 296 species of birds have been seen in the sanctuary, including owls, towhee birds, bobwhites, quail, wild turkey, and bluebirds. Such other creatures as salamanders, cave skinks, beaver, deer, groundhogs, and turtles have also been spotted onsite.

Certain flowers and plant arrangements have been put in place throughout the sanctuary to enhance the habitat of the creatures, such as brush piles for turtles' shelter, butterflyweed which offer nectar for butterflies, Thunberg Lespedeza bushes producing seeds for bobwhite quail and nectar for bees, and lichen which provide soft nesting material for hummingbirds.

Things to Do

  • Find the pond and search for various types of frogs.
  • Make an apple-picking appointment for the summer months.

Hidden Hollow Orchard and Wildlife Sanctuary Insider Tips

  • Apples are priced at $25 per bushel, $7 for a 10 pound bag, and $5 for a smaller bag.
  • Group rates for apple picking are available.
  • Regular apple-picking season begins in late August.
  • Watch for the "Honey Man" to stop by with locally-made honey.

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