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Historic Fort Snelling

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200 Tower Ave, St Paul, MN
URL: Historic Fort Snelling  Phone: 612-726-1171

Activity Overview

Sat on the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers, Historic Fort Snelling has a rich and varied history stretching back to the early 1800's and even before this when the area was home to Native American tribes. From the time the fort was built in the 1820s up until World War II it was a place of real significance for the American Army while it was also an essential part of the fur trade in the 1800's and it also played an important role in the abolition of slavery.

Today it is an interactive historical site where visitors can come and learn about all these periods of American history and more from guides dressed in the clothing of the time.

Things to Do

  • If your kids are teenagers you can bring them along for CSI: Fort Snelling. A murder has been committed at Fort Snelling and with the aid of clues and historical characters who live at the Fort you and your family must discover who is the culprit. This event regularly takes place on Friday and Saturday evenings and is recommended for ages 14 and above.
  • Camps, youth programs and high school field trips all regularly take place at Fort Snelling. Bring a group along to partake in the "Fort Kids" program while they can also use the site's multimedia interactive classroom to learn about the Civil War or the U.S-Dakota War of 1862. Take a look at their website to get more info about their educational programs.

Historic Fort Snelling Insider Tips

  • There are a number of other attractions in the general area around Fort Snelling that could fill a full day of touring. Within a short distance are the Mall of America, the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge and Fort Snelling State Park.
  • Children under the age of 5 enter for free.
  • There is free parking provided at the site.

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