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Historic Ships in Baltimore

In & Outdoor $$
School Trip, Educational, Historical, Adventurous, Touristy, Special Needs
Baltimore, MD
URL: Historic Ships in Baltimore...  Phone: 410-539-1797

Activity Overview

The Historic Ships of Baltimore offer a really insightful adventure. The ships are very well kept and such a wonderful piece of American History. Touring them is like a journey back in time where you can learn what it was like to live on these ships of our nation's history. The ships are much more than simply museums on water and such a treat that they are in the heart of Baltimore's Inner Harbor. I loved that guests have unlimited access to the ships, so be prepared to crawl through tunnels and duck through doorways and climb up ladders while exploring these amazing ships

Things to Do

  • The Historic Ships of Baltimore offers some really incredible adventures for groups, school trips and day trips. The overnight adventure definitely sounds intriguing!
  • Tour the ships and learn about how the historic sailors lived and the conditions that they had to endure.
  • Complete access to these Historic Ships
  • Great photo opportunities so be sure to bring your camera

Historic Ships Tips

  • The tickets are stamped with a date on them, but you can use them at any time, so if you plan to return I recommend either membership or the 4 ship package. You don't have to see all 4 ships that day ( I'd actually recommend exploring 2 at a time) and you can come back at your leisure.
  • While the staff does it's best to accommodate those with limited mobility, there may be some areas of the tours that they may be unable to accommodate due to the construction of the ships.
  • The Powder Monkey Tour is so much fun for kids age 6 and up. It is open to all visitors on Saturdays and Sundays at 1pm. Children get a chance to learn what it was like to be a Civil War powder monkey in Lincoln's Navy through demonstrations and hands on fun.
  • I recommend being there at 11:45 am for the firing of the cannon
  • There are lots of steep ladders to maneuver, so you must be careful with small children. There are also small spaces and lots of places that you can bump your head and things to trip over so use some care when touring.
  • This outing is free for active Military personnel and children under the age of 5
  • They accept AAA for a discount which makes the trip even more of a bargain

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