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H.L. Hunley Submarine

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History Museums, School Trip, Educational, Historical, Touristy
1250 Supply St, Charleston, SC
URL: H.L. Hunley Submarine  Phone: 877-448-6539

Activity Overview

The story of the H.L Hunley Submarine is quite simply incredible. During the Civil War the Hunley was developed as the Confederate side's top secret weapon against the Union. Though other submarines had been built and sailed in the past none had ever been successfully used in combat. The sub's namesake and creator Horace Hunley set out to change that. He came up with a submarine that displayed all the nautical features of modern submarines albeit in a more primitive state. Though he died along with 12 others while testing his creation the Confederacy went ahead with their plan to use the submarine. The submarine became the first naval craft of its kind to sink an enemy ship when it successfully sank the Housatonic though the sub itself also sank on its maiden voyage taking the lives of its 8 crew. You can see this engineering marvel and important piece of military history at Charleston's Warren Lasch Conservation Center.

Things to Do

  • Visitors have only been able to come and see the H.L Hunley since quite recently. It was finally found in 1995 and since then has undergone significant archaeological and scientific work to uncover all of its secrets and mysteries.
  • The submarine essentially acted as a time capsule, preserving the bones and personal artifacts of its 8 man crew. Much of this can be seen when the submarine is made open to the public every Saturday from 10 AM to 5 PM and Sunday noon to 5 PM.
  • A video is shown on the Submarine's history in a small museum within the center.

H.L Hunley Submarine Insider Tips

  • The cost of entry has a small discount for senior citizens and active military personnel.
  • Want to explore more? Why not try out the H.L Hunley Simulator.

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