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Hole in the Rock (Papago Park)

Outdoor Free
School Trip, Healthy/Active, Educational, Cultural, Historical, Touristy, Green
625 N Galvin Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ
URL: Hole in the Rock (Papago Park)...  Phone: 602-256-3220

Activity Overview

The 1,200 acre Papago Park hosts a lot of great activities for visitors. Its most famous feature is the so called Hole in the Rock. Here you will find a series of openings in a small hill that are the result of wind erosion over millions of years. It is possible to walk to the Hole in the Rock from a nearby parking lot. While you are there you can enjoy the other attractions to be found in the park or visit some other destinations that aren't too far away.

Things to Do

  • The Hole in the Rock has quite a long and amazing history. The hill in which the openings can be found is thought to be run off from a nearby mountain which has since eroded long ago.
  • The ancient Hohokam peoples used the light that would enter through a hole in the ceiling of the formation to mark out the seasons, solstices and equinoxes; evidence of their work can still be seen today.
  • More recently the site has been used as a reservation for native Americans, it served as a camp for POWs during World War II and parts of Papago Park are still used for National Guard training.
  • It is quite easy to reach the Hole in the Rock. There is a short trail that leads up the back of the formation that should be fairly easy walking for most able bodied persons. Once there you can enjoy some great views of the Phoenix.
  • Bring a pacekd lunch to make an afternoon of our visit. Once you have seen the Hole in the Rock you can take in the other activities that Papago Park has to offer like fishing, hiking trails that range from easy to moderate, biking, archery and golfing.

Hole in the Rock (Papago Park) Insider Tips

  • There are a number of other attractions near to the Hole in the Rock which you can visit such as the Desert Botanical Garden, the Hall of Flame Fire Museum and the Phoenix Zoo,
  • Bring sunscreen and pllenty of water as it can get pretty hot!

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