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Homemade Can Stepper Stilts

Outdoor Free

Activity Overview

Children of all ages will feel larger than life while marching around the yard on their homemade Juice Can Stepper Stilts. I nostalgically remember having my own set of these fun toys and trouncing around with them when I was a child. They are easy and fun to make and personalize with your own crafty flair and will have children of all ages actively exploring the outdoors from a whole new level.

Materials Needed

  • 2 large unopened juice cans ( we used Juicy Juice and pineapple juice cans)
  • Hand can opener (with the triangular end)
  • 2 long pieces of twine or ribbon
  • Sharp scissors to cut the twine
  • Various colors of electrical tape, duck tape or paint and paint brush

How to Make Them

  1. Use the can opener to punch 2 holes in either side of one can towards the top.
  2. Do the same with other juice can.
  3. Let the juice drain out of the cans into a pitcher to be consumed later. Rinse out the cans with water and allow them to air dry.
  4. Cut 2 pieces of twine long enough to go through the holes in the can and up to child's hands to hold on to. This length will vary from child to child.
  5. Thread each piece of rope through the holes in the cans.
  6. Tie the two ends of each piece of rope together. You should have a loop of rope going through each can that is long enough so your child can hold on the the rope as handles.
  7. Use the scissors to cut the different colors of electrical tape or duck tape and decorate the cans or use the paint to decorate them.
  8. Place the cans upright and have the child stand with one foot on each while holding the reins of twine and march around like you are on stilts.

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