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Homemade Pendants Using Modge Podge and Nailpolish...

Reuse your nail polish by making colorful pendants for necklaces using modge podge dimensional magic, a pack of modge podge acrylic 3D shaped charms and whatever nail polish colors you want.  Michael's Arts and Crafts carry these items.  I grabbed a bunch of bottles of nail polish that were near the bottom so that it wouldn't go to waste.  I had my kids paint on the acrylic charms with the nail polish - they could do whatever they wanted - the more colorful the better and using the small nail brush helped with controlling how much they used vs a big paint brush.  Place the charms on wax paper and allow the nail polish to dry.  Once dry, take the 3D modge podge and use just a small amount to go over the design. Try not to let it run over the charm but if it does, just use a toothpick to scrape off the excess - the reason for the wax paper underneath is to prevent the modge podge from sticking to it.  Once the modge podge dries, it will dry clear and will have a 3D effect and will make your nail polish design pop.  String it through whatever necklace chain you desire and you've got a creative yet easy homemade necklace.  We made these for my kid's teachers as Christmas gifts and they loved it.

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