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Hopewell Culture National Historical Park

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16062 Ohio 104, Chillicothe, OH
URL: Hopewell Culture National...  Phone: 740-774-1126

Activity Overview

The Hopewell Culture National Historical Park is an important site which illuminates an important part of America's ancient history. In the park stand a number of large geometric earthworks that were constructed by American Indians who once lived in this area. Nobody knows exactly why they built these mounds though it is interesting to hear the theories related to their construction and to learn about the Hopewellian peoples, the collection of tribes that used to live here. There is a visitor's center staffed by park rangers along with self-guided interpretive trails and a multi-use trail all in the park.

Things to Do

  • Start your trip at Visitor's Center. Here you can watch the 19-minute introductory video Mysteries of the Ancient Architects. There are many interesting artifacts that have been excavated from the park which are on display here.
  • Once you are done finding about these mounds and their mysterious history you should head out to the interpretive trails and walk amongst the mounds yourself.
  • As always at National Historical Parks there is plenty here for kids to do. They can complete a set of activities to become a junior ranger or a junior archeologist. Or if they are in the scouts then they can work to obtain a resource stewardship scout ranger or an archaeology merit badge.

Hopewell Culture National Historical Park Insider Tips

  • Birders and nature enthusiasts should download the park's list of flowers, birds and insects to help them identify the wildlife they encounter there.
  • The Hopewell Park is always looking for volunteers to help with administrative, interpretive, naturalist and maintenance duties. If you think you would be interested in taking on a position then take a look at their volunteer info page.

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