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How Cola Affects Teeth Experiment

Indoor Free
Chemistry, Food Science

Activity Overview

Have you ever wondered why the dentist and parents advise you to brush your teeth after meals and to avoid sugary or highly acidic foods? Well, here is a great science experiment to exemplify exactly why these warnings are in place.

If you happen to have a tooth around the house or maybe you can leave a note for the tooth fairy to leave your tooth behind for you. In this experiment, you will actually observe that the tooth will start to dissolve! You will see first hand that exposure to sugary and acidic substances can chemically affect your teeth over time and will eventually even eat through the hard protective enamel that coats your teeth.

Materials Needed

  • Glass of Cola
  • A tooth

How to Do It

  1. Place a tooth in a glass of cola for at least one week after examining the intact tooth.
  2. Take the tooth out and observe any changes to the tooth that have occurred.

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