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How to Live More Frugally

To live a frugal life means to live a life that is less expensive. There are many ways in which you can do this that will hardly affect your daily living habits, but will certainly put more money in your wallet.  

Change Your Lifestyle

If you want to live a more frugal life and save money, you have to be willing to change your lifestyle a little. The way you live determines how much you are going to spend and how much you are going to save. A flashy lifestyle sometimes means going to the most expensive hotels and restaurants, shopping in the most elegant retail outlets, going for weekly massages and having all of the extras on your cell phone and cable bills. If you want to save many and the above examples sound like you, you will have to change some things around in order to save more money. It may be hard at first to eliminate these extravagances from your life, but the payoff in the end is far more worth it. 

Your family may also be using more cars than you really need. If you were able to sell one and cut down, you would make money on the sale of your vehicle, eliminate insurance and maintenance costs and no longer have to pay for gas in that car.

Save Money on Groceries

You can also live a more frugal life by purchasing just enough groceries that your family needs and not a bunch of junk food and treats that aren’t essentials. Sit down some night and actually calculate what your family eats and how much you truly need for breakfast, lunch and supper. After doing this, you will be amazed at how much extra you were buying that more than likely goes to waste because it spoils, anyway, before you even have a chance to eat it.  Another cost effective tip is to only use cash when purchasing food. This has helped many people realize that they do not really need the extra things that they were buying when you can actually see where your money is going—not to mention the savings on interest if you normally charge your groceries on a credit card.

Cut Your Bills to the Bare Minimum

You can also live a more frugal life by cutting down on your monthly bills. You can ask your service providers for packages that allow you to make payments on a budget plan or ask if they are offering any current promotions that will help to lower your monthly payments.

It may be hard at first to cut some extra things out of your life, but the benefits you gain in return will bring you more happiness than those unneeded expenses ever did.

Teresa Y.
This article is sooo not researched. No depth, no research, no expert opinion or statistics, bland!
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