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Hula Hoop Bubble Play

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Activity Overview

Capture yourself inside a giant bubble when you play using hula hoop bubbles or simply create enormous bubbles with a hula hoop as your wand. Bubbles are so magically fun for adults and children alike. Try out something new by playing with hula hoop bubbles and entertain the little ones for hours. Note that bubbles can be slippery so use care getting in and out of the pool during this activity.

Materials Needed

  • Round kiddie pool
  • Large hula Hoop
  • Large jug of bubble or make your own with dish soap and some water.
  • Dish Bucket

How to Play

  1. Place a dish bucket in the center of a kiddie pool.
  2. Pour or create a bubble mixture inside the kiddie pool. There should be enough to fill the bottom of the pool at least an inch or two.
  3. Start by having someone stand inside the dish bucket within the pool. Place the hula hoop over their head and lay it down in the bubble mixture.
  4. Have a friend carefully lift the hula hoop up over your head creating a world of bubble around that person. Take Turns.
  5. You can also simply dip the hula hoop into the pool filled with bubbles and run in the grass with the hoop which will also create amazingly large bubbles.

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