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Indian Mound Trail

Outdoor Free
Hiking, Healthy/Active, Educational, Cultural, Historical, Touristy, Green
Indian Mound Trail, Charleston, SC

Activity Overview

The Indian Mound Trail's considerable pleasures are twofold. First of all the trail allows visitors to walk through a lovely and undemanding forest trail where they can get up close with trees that are native to the Low Country. Then at the end of the trail is the archaeological marvel from which this trail derives its name.

The Indian Mound is essentially a giant heap of shells and bones left by Native Americans some 4,000 years ago. Some people say this was just a simple thrash heap to these natives while others contest that it had ceremonial significance. Whatever the explanation may be it is a thoroughly impressive site.

Things to Do

  • The Indian Trail Mound is a four mile long round trip. The surface the entire way is quite flat and shouldn't pose any problems to able bodied persons. Everyone can enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna that surrounds the path including Spanish hanging moss, live oak and palmetto trees.
  • You should be able to hear frogs and crickets as you walk along the well maintained trail. You could also see alligators, ospreys and bobcats if you're lucky. Mountain Bikers are free to cycle this trail too.
  • The trail eventually leads to The Indian Mound, a site of great archaeological significance. This site is free and you can get quite close to it from the viewing platform. However Edisto Island Park asks that you do not touch or remove anything from the Mound given its historical importance.

Indian Mound Trail Insider Tips

  • There is an interpretive center at the start of the trail which is free to visit. Here you can find info on the trail and the surrounding area.
  • Ticks and mosquitos are common here so bring bug repellent. Stay on the track as snakes live in the surrounding forest land.
  • Pets are allowed on the trail as long as they stay on a leash.

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