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Insert a Bubble Inside of a Bubble

Activity Overview

Blowing bubbles is a very popular pastime for children of all ages. Explore the magic of bubbles even more by turning a bubble blowing adventure into a science experiment. Try blowing a bubble inside of a bubble or better yet, a bubble inside of a bubble inside of a bubble. I hope that you will accept the challenge.

In this experiment, you will find that a wet object such as a straw can actually penetrate the surface of a bubble without breaking it. When a wet surface comes in contact with the soapy bubble edge, they become unified as one. It is important that as you blow a second and third bubble inside of the wall of the bubble, that you do not blow the interior bubbles so large that the edges touch the edges of the larger exterior bubble. If they touch, then the bubble edges will fuse together and you will not have the separated bubble effect that you are aiming for.

Materials Needed

  • A plastic Cup
  • Water
  • A bubble wand
  • Bubble solution
  • A plastic straw

How to Do It

  1. Flip a plastic cup over so that the mouth of the cup is on the table.
  2. Add some water to the bottom of the cup which is facing upward. Make sure the entire flat surface of the cup bottom surface is wet.
  3. Dip the bubble wand into the bubble solution and blow a nice big bubble.
  4. Gently rest the bubble on the wet surface of the cup. It should stay intact and not pop.
  5. Dip the plastic straw into the bubble mix.
  6. Gently push the moistened straw right through the wall of the bubble.
  7. Carefully blow a smaller bubble inside of the bigger bubble.
  8. After you accomplish this, push the straw slightly further in and try blowing another even smaller bubble inside of that bubble.

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