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International Exotic Animal Sanctuary

Outdoor $$
Zoos, School Trip, Educational
Highway 114, Boyd, TX
URL: International Exotic Animal...  Phone: 940-433-2373

Activity Overview

The IEAS is a non-profit organization that provides a habitat for exotic animals confiscated due to abandonment or human abuse. These animals are rescued and are given excellent care and rehabilitation inside the sanctuary. Currently, the sanctuary is home to 74 exotic animals such as bobcats, lions, tigers, and bears. IEAS also focuses on education and conservation. Note that children under the age of 7 are not allowed to join the tours.

Things to Do

  • Sign up for a tour and learn how the animals were rescued and how the sanctuary is taking care of them. This is a 2-hour tour with lots of walking on a paved path. Guests are reminded to stay on the path and to not go near the cages to avoid upsetting the animals.
  • Join the Adopt An Animal program. Since IEAS is a non-profit organization, they rely on donations to keep caring for the animals. Most of the food they prepare for the big cats are donated by local supermarkets.
  • Visit their Adopt an Animal page to know more on how you can help rehabilitate the animals.
  • If animal adoption is not a possible option, help the sanctuary in supporting the animals by purchasing an Animal Packet. For an additional $40, you'll get a photo of your chosen animal, a certificate, and a one-on-one visit where you will stay outside of the fence.

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary Insider Tips

  • Minimum recommended donation is $20 per adult and $10 per child.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, put on some sunblock, and bring water for the tour.

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