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International Women's Air and Space Museum

Indoor Free
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166 Burke Lakefront Airport, Cleveland, OH
URL: International Women's Air...  Phone: 216-623-1111

Activity Overview

Cleveland's International Women's Air and Space Museum tells a tale that unfairly, is rarely ever told. This museum celebrates the contribution that females have made to the advancement of aeronautics and space travel. The museum is home to a collection of memorabilia and artifacts that demonstrate women's invaluable place in the history of air flight.

Things to Do

  • The Museum exposes the role women have played in this aspect of history in the most interesting places. For example they host an exhibit on Katharine Wright, sister of the Wright brothers, who aided and supported her brothers on their journey to become the first people to successfully get a plane to fly.
  • Other aspects of their exhibits include the story of the roles that women played in World War II, particularly in conjunction with the air force. You can also take an intriguing look into the history of the first female astronauts trained by the Soviet Union and NASA.
  • Regular events in the museum include lectures which sometimes take place with a dinner. There is an annual book sale and pancake breakfast organized in November. They sometimes have family friendly Night at the Museum events which can involve various games and activities, snacks, pizza and even a movie!

International Women's Air and Space Museum Insider Tips

  • Entry to the Museum is free. Free parking is also provided out the front of the Museum.
  • Pick up a souvenir of your visit at the Museum's gift shop or grab a gift for someone else in their online store.

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