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Iowa Speedway

Outdoor $$$
Amusement Parks, Adventurous
3333 Rusty Wallace Drive, Newton, IA
URL: Iowa Speedway  Phone: 641-791-8000

Activity Overview

Dubbed "The Fastest Short Track on the Planet", the Iowa Speedway is the place to go for a fun day out with the entire family. Even if not all family members are passionate about motorsports, the Iowa Speedway is still an excellent destination as it offers a wide range of other activities besides races.

The Iowa Speedway is a tri-oval race track paved with asphalt, with a total length of 7/8 miles. Have a look at the website of the racetrack to discover the next race weekend when planning your trip.

Things to Do

  • Purchase race laps for adults so that the entire family can have fun watching mom or dad in a race car
  • Opt for a video camera in the car so you can get a long-lasting memory of the time you spent in a race car
  • Classes are available for those who do not have any experience with racetracks.
  • You can hold various types of events at the Iowa Speedway, including family reunions, business parties, and even birthdays.

Iowa Speedway Insider Tips

  • A souvenir stand is located in front of the Newton Club Concessions
  • You can find the restrooms in the yellow building located behind the concessions stands
  • There are three ticket booth locations at the Iowa Speedway, one in the south, one in the middle and one in the north of the racetrack.

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