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Jelly Belly Warehouse Tours

Indoor Free
Factory Tours, Touristy
10100 Jelly Belly Lane, Pleasant Prairie, WI
URL: Jelly Belly Warehouse Tours...  Phone: 866-868-7522

Activity Overview

If your family loves jelly beans, this is one attraction in the Milwaukee area that you definitely shouldn't miss. The Jelly Belly Candy Company has a visitor center in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, approximately 40 miles south of Milwaukee. It provides free daily tours of the warehouse aboard the Jelly Belly Express Train, as well as a candy store where you can try every single flavor of jelly bean and a snack bar where you can eat lunch or grab a tasty snack. It should come as no surprise that it's a popular attraction with children of all ages.

Things to Do

  • Go on the free Jelly Belly Express Train Tour! The fun-filled 30-minute train ride will teach you all about how jelly beans and other popular candies are made.
  • Bring along a camera so you can take photos of the Jelly Belly Bean Art you'll see on the tour, as well as the chorus line of dancing Jelly Belly characters!
  • Stop by the Sample Bar in the Jelly Belly Candy Store, where you can try every flavor of jelly bean, including new flavors.

Jelly Belly Warehouse Tours Insider Tips

  • Check out the Jelly Belly Candy Store to purchase your favorite flavor of jelly beans, try their popular red velvet fudge, and pick up souvenirs like Mr. Jelly Belly toys and t-shirts.
  • If you get hungry, stop by the Jelly Belly Snack Bar for lunch or a snack - the menu offers items like pizza and sandwiches at reasonable prices.
  • You don't need to book a tour in advance, but you might want to arrive early during the summertime and major holidays since wait times may be a bit longer than the usual 15-30 minutes.

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