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Kansas City Fountains

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United States, Kansas City, MO
URL: Kansas City Fountains  Phone: 816.842.2299

Activity Overview

Numerous fountains are spread throughout Kansas City. Many of these are historic constructions, some date back to the beginning of the 20th Century, and as such they provide a link to the city's past. Some are beautifully designed and add greatly to the city's personality and unique character. You can easily find out the locations of these fountains to explore yourself or book a tour to get more historical and architectural detail on each.

Things to Do

  • The City of Fountains Foundation was started in 1973 and provides a fantastic service to those who want to see the fountains and find out more about their history and construction. For example on their website you can find maps which lay out the locations of not only of the city's fountains but of the sculptures which Kansas City is home to as well.
  • If on the other hand you would prefer something a bit more organized there are a few tour options that service the Kansas City Fountains. Blue Ribbon Arrangements & Tours offer tours of the fountains and of other historically important aspects of the city. Historic Kansas City also offer comprehensive tours around many of the city's principal sites including the fountains.

Kansas City Fountains Insider Tips

  • The brochure of the City of Fountains Foundation also provides useful info about the fountains. They also provide maps of the plaza area and of downtown with the various fountains locations marked out.
  • If you have a passion for these beautiful fountains and for what they represent in Kansas City then you can donate to keep them in good condition. Different volunteer opportunities are also available for those who would prefer to take a more hands on role.

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