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Katy Contemporary Art Museum

Indoor Free
Art Museum, Cultural Museums, School Trip, Educational, Cultural
805 Avenue B, Katy, TX
URL: Katy Contemporary Art Museum...  Phone: 832-857-1340

Activity Overview

Some of the best contemporary art in Katy, Texas, can be found in the Katy Contemporary Art Museum (KCAM). As one of the newer and developing museums in the area, the KCAM provides visitors with fine examples of contemporary art from both local and global artists.

The great thing about contemporary art is that it challenges us to think and divides opinion, making it great for those with children as they can be encouraged to think and create their own opinion on the art and works in the museum.

Things to Do

  • Visit the museum's permanent collection. Since opening back in 2013, the museum has worked towards developing their permanent collection. With each subsequent visit you can expect to see more and more new works in the collection.
  • See the collections on loan! Have you seen something you and your family would like on loan to the museum? Don't miss out because these particular works won't be there forever!
  • Go to one of the museum's many events or collaborations in the museum itself and around the city of Katy.

Katy Contemporary Art Museum Insider Tips

  • Be sure to check out the museum's calendar page for information on exactly what's going on the date of your visit!
  • Arrange a special KCAM kids tour for the little one. Make sure you do this at least 2 weeks before your visit.
  • Regularly check to see what's on loan at the museum here.

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