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Keller Pointe

Activity Overview

Keller Pointe is part health club, gym, water park & fitness center located in Keller, Texas, about a 40 minute drive from Texas via Highway 114 West, or a 26 minute drive from Fort Worth via Highway 121 North.

Things to Do

  • Enroll in a fitness class: whether you prefer one on one training with a personal trainer or learning in a group, you'll have fun with Zumba classes, Yoga, or Pilates.
  • Let your kids play soccer, football, softball, basketball, tennis or baseball. Keller Pointe maintains the facilities that they'll need for these sports (and it will help them let out a bit of energy!)
  • Enroll the toddlers for swimming lessons or let the bigger kids do laps at the pool. Your kids can also enjoy taking a lifeguard course: it'll be good for their resume in the future and can help build their leadership skills.
  • Join in one of the other classes: Keller Pointe offers painting and dancing and also is a facility where seniors can have fun and join in some guided tours to different places (additional charges apply).

Keller Pointe Insider Tips

  • Like any fitness center, you'll have to pay a membership fee to avail of the various classes and the facilities of Keller Pointe: you can opt to get a day pass, a summer pass or even an annual pass. Residents (those residing within the City of Keller's limits) get a discount as compared to non-residents. Pay by electronic transfer to avail of bigger discounts!
  • You can drop off the kids at the stay n play facility if you opt to go to a class.
  • You can also opt to rent out a venue for special events like parties or other celebrations.

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