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Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

Activity Overview

The Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art is a free art museum in Kansas City, Missouri. It is the largest contemporary art museum in the state and contains an extensive permanent collection that features works by famous artists such as Georgia O'Keeffe, Hung Liu, Polly Apfelbaum, and Louise Bourgeois. In addition to its frequently changing exhibitions and installations, the museum also provides public programs such as concerts, lectures, workshops, and film screenings that are entertaining for visitors of all ages.

Things to Do

  • Explore the impressive works within the permanent collection, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, mixed media, and video installations.
  • View the museum's current exhibitions, which frequently showcase art by emerging artists as well as renowned artists.
  • Attend one of the frequent family programs with your child - they include hands-on activities, puppet shows, scavenger hunts, and family tours.

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art Insider Tips

  • Check out the museum's calendar in order to learn more about upcoming programs, including art activities for toddlers, tours, film screenings, concerts, and workshops for aspiring artists of all ages.
  • Stop by the museum shop before you head home in order to purchase beautiful souvenirs like handcrafted jewelry and fascinating art books.
  • There are actually three different museum locations - in addition to the main location, there is Kemper East, which is just one block away, and Kemper at the Crossroads, which is located in downtown Kansas City.

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