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4800 Kennywood Blvd, West Mifflin, PA
URL: Kennywood  Phone: 412-461-8127

Activity Overview

Kennywood formerly opened as a trolley park in 1898 and located in West Miffin in Pennsylvania, is one of the only two registered National Historic places in the U.S. It was changed to a Kennywood company in 1906, following its purchase by Henninger. It boasts some of the most prolific ancient rides and structures that give a scintillating experience.

Things to Do

  • Have a lifetime experience with roller coasters; the park features roller coasters on natural terrain. Board Jack Rabbit and the thunderbolt rollers for extremities of adventure.
  • Eye witness the adventure of the Volcano valley; it has fascinating and scaring pirate, volcano and cement volcanoes with the capability of spewing smoke.
  • Let your children have their best ever experience with Kiddieland; has array of kid’s rides including Aerospace and Auto Race, fascinating rides available are tiny versions of turtle, Phantom revenge, whip, cosmic chaos and merry go round.
  • Have a wonderful river-view, as the park edges a river cliff.
  • Enjoy the marvelous delicacies of Kennywood dishes and drinks in spacious and cozy cafes and restaurants.

Insider Tips

  • Anytime of the year is good to visit Kennywood. However, visits during the rainy season guarantees great fun.
  • All modes of payment are acceptable at Kennywood.
  • Visitors are expected to pay $32.99 at the gate and an addition $1 as amusement tax.
  • Visitors are also advised to set aside $5.00 for the giant eagle gate.
  • Visitors who purchase tickets online save $3.
  • Kenny woods’ gates are open at 10:30 a.m.

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