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Kentucky Reptile Zoo

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Zoos, Aquariums, School Trip, Educational, Offbeat
200 L&E Railroad, Slade, KY
URL: Kentucky Reptile Zoo  Phone: 606-663-9160

Activity Overview

Visit the Kentucky Reptile Zoo to meet some unique and venomous reptiles of the animal kingdom, the reptile zoo has been featured on Animal planet and National Geographic channel, and it is owned by Jim Harrison. Meet the most feared reptiles in the reptile zoo, the snakes, come to see some of the most venomous snakes in the world. Children would love visiting the turtle tracks area. Plenty of reptile programs are offered, learn a lot from snake talks and alligator shows. The reptile zoo is located in Slade, Kentucky and is open daily from May through September, and on weekends in March, April and October, November.

Things to Do

  • Bring your children to this one of a kind Reptile zoo that has an incomparable variety of reptiles on display. The mission is not to scare off anyone but to educate and teach the youth how to co-exist with the reptiles.
  • Learn about and see the most venomous snakes, cobras, vipers and rattlesnakes, as well as an 18-foot long python.
  • Children love seeing fluffy the alligator and tortoises and turtles that can be seen in the turtle tracks area. Come up close to the desert tortoise.
  • Be thrilled by seeing diverse collection of rattlesnakes. See snakes being "milked" in the live venom extraction program.
  • Did you know snake venom is used to treat certain medical ailments? Snake venom has medicinal properties, see venom being extracted from cobras and learn more.
  • Learn more about venomous and non venomous snakes in the snake talks program. Did you ever want to know how crocodiles evaded extinction? Learn more in the alligator show.
  • Get your picture taken with a young alligator for just $7. Visit the gift shop for some souvenirs.

Kentucky Reptile Zoo Insider Tips

  • Since it's a non-profit organization, donations are appreciated.

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