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Krog Street Tunnel

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Krog Street Tunnel Pocket Park, Krog Street Northeast, , United States, Atlanta, GA

Activity Overview

A truly unique city landmark the Krog Street Tunnel is a fine display of the creative spirit that is alive and well in Atlanta, Georgia. The entire tunnel which is used by cyclists and pedestrians to link the Cabbagetown and Inman Park neighborhoods has its walls covered in graffiti and street art. There are beautiful, intricate pieces here but perhaps the most impressive feature is that the Tunnel is constantly evolving as artists add new pieces.

It is also strongly connected to a not for profit, artistically free spirit as proved by a controversy which erupted in 2014 with the Atlanta city council. The council had plans to hold a ticketed, for-profit event that would deny access to the general public. Local artists, angered by the thought of their pieces making money for others without their permission responded by covering over all their own work with grey paint!

Things to Do

  • Bring along your camera for some pretty unique photos. Some of the pieces here really are remarkable, others are witty and smart while others make important social and political points. Together this variety of work represents street art at its very best.
  • If you are an artist yourself then bring your spray paint and leave your mark. The Tunnel is for everyone!

Krog Street Tunnel Insider Tips

  • You can keep track with new additions to the Tunnel's walls on the Daily Krog tumblr which adds at least one new photo, and often more, of the artworks per day.

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