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Lane Motor Museum

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Transportation Museums, Educational, Offbeat, Adventurous
702 Murfreesboro Pike, Nashville, TN
URL: Lane Motor Museum  Phone: 615-742-7445

Activity Overview

When in Nashville, automobile enthusiasts should have this place at the top of their itinerary because the Lane Motor Museum is one of the few automobile museums in the country showcasing European cars. There are almost 400 cars in the collection and they do mean it when they say they have cars from A-Z, the first letters of the car brands housed on the exhibit floor. The cars are not corded-off, and while they do have a "No Touch" policy, you can still examine the cars closely.

Things to Do

  • Explore the exhibit floor and inspect each one of almost 150 cars on display. Almost 90% of the cars in the collection runs in good condition. The museum restores and maintains all the cars they acquire for the collection.
  • If you can schedule your visit, go on a day when the museum offers a basement tour. See the rest of the 400-car collection as the cars are maintained and repaired in the basement.
  • Bring the kids to the indoor play area. They can play with toys, ride kiddie cars, or play a driving video game. If your kids are not into cars, bring them here to keep them occupied while you go around to inspect the displays.
  • Check out the museum's calendar of events and activities such as a Museum Fun Day where they offer rides and free basement tours.

Lane Motor Museum Insider Tips

  • Admission is free for kids ages 5 and below.

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